Monkey go happy 7 walkthrough

monkey go happy 7 walkthrough

Click Here to Watch Monkey Go Happy 2 Walkthroughs / Hints / Cheats for Hooda Math Games. Monkey Happy Stage 7 Walkthrough Original game: kommendeps4spiele.reviewhappy. com/html. Monkey Happy Stage 7. Video Hints/ Walkthrough Below: Collect 10 mini monkeys in each stage then write down the clue inside the backpack to unlock.

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Goto the next scene with the Cow cow scene 1. Move cart in back and pull the second lever to lift the front guard. Pick up cane from right and use it on the wasps nest 2. Monkey Go Happy Tales 2 Walkthrough 4. Open furnace door and pick up triangular gem. Monkey Go Happy Marathon Walkthrough 4. Click the GAMES folder. Place coin into game machine cooin slot. Pick up the oil and use it on the gears. Use the leafs on the fire to make it smoke and drive away the bees. Give a fish to the seal 6. MONKEY GO HAPPY FAST MULTI-LEVEL GAMES. Move the sheep and pick up the key of the floor. Press the red button to turn on the fan and watch the papers fly! Pick up sickle and use on the bushes 4. Get branch of the tree 2. Play Monkey Go Happy 2 Now! Look at the wall picture, it shows the order of buttons to press in the windows…5,2,3,7 3.

Monkey go happy 7 walkthrough Video

Monkey GO Happy 6 Walkthrough Level (1-7) Pickup pieces of the tombs face from the sand and place them into the correct positions Using the outlines as guides 2. Use the key on the closet. MONKEY GO HAPPY is a registered trademark. Move paper weight from the stack of papers 2. Click the Monster Monkeys game. Use the cloth on the barrel on the left hand side of the screen 6. Monkey Go Happy Balloons Walkthrough 4. Open gate on the other side of the road. When the painter leaves, pickup the brush 3. Get the key 4. Pull the red lever to lift the back plank. Find all 4 missing ornaments and place them on the gate as picture above 2. Monkey Go Happy Christmas 4. Shovel away the large pile of snow on the left until the power box is clear and the pile on the right until the toolbox is visible. monkey go happy 7 walkthrough Get the pump out of the right closet. It says, Pull the red lever to lift the back plank. Use the lit candle to light up the darkness. Pull the send hanger hook down to unlock a secret compartment in the closet. Monkey Go 3d zimmer North Pole 5.

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